Dear Local Business Partners,


Customer Connectivity

Beyond being a mere "traffic driver," the Infused Business Alliance is all about Customer Connectivity. We believe in knowing our customers on a personal level, understanding their preferences, and catering to their unique needs. This synergy between cannabis and lifestyle allows us to provide a holistic experience that extends beyond products.

Curated Lifestyle Services

Just as your business offers diverse lifestyle services and goods, we curate cannabis experiences that align perfectly with these offerings. A guest enjoying an art gallery visit could also indulge in a personalized cannabis recommendation tailored to their mood. It's about enhancing every moment.

Medical & Social Benefits

Our alliance goes beyond recreational use. Cannabis consumption has long been associated with medical and social benefits. From relaxation to pain management, our products contribute to overall wellness and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Elevating Experiences

By partnering with us, you're offering your patrons more than just products – you're providing experiences that enrich their lives. Imagine someone relishing their favorite book with a perfectly paired strain or sipping coffee while enjoying the medical benefits of cannabis.


At That’s Posh, we believe in supporting local businesses. Our alliance is a testament to this philosophy, a way for us to work together in creating an ecosystem that benefits both cannabis enthusiasts and lifestyle connoisseurs.


Join us in revolutionizing the connection between cannabis and lifestyle. Let’s explore how the That’s Posh Infused Business Alliance can enhance your offerings and customer engagement. To learn more, reach out to us.